Plastic Bag Charge - Study Report 2019
23 January
Plastic Bag Charge - Study Report 2019
Plastic Bag Charge - Study Report 2019

Regarding the charge of plastic bags policy, which came into force in January 2019, we have carried out our freshest work in order to measure consumer perceptions and behaviors about this policy.

In the study, we interviewed 613 people in 26 provinces of Turkey according to the NUTS 2 region classification. We collected our data by CATI methodology and the fieldwork was carried on 18-19 January 2019. The confidence interval of the sample is 95% and the error margin is ± 4.

The fieldwork, analysis, and reporting of the study was carried out by Etik Research.

To have a detailed report of our study on the Plastic Bag Charge, you can contact us through

The infographic of the study can be found below.

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